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Changing of the Guard by Sam Byrd

On Monday, June 1, during our tours around the beautiful London Metropolis, we were lucky enough to be at Buckingham Palace during the Changing of the Guard. This daily event occurs at 11:30 am. We arrived at 11:00 am, which you think would be enough time to get a perfect position to view the whole display. Wrong. There were at least a couple hundred people already jockeying for the best views. While I wasn’t able to actually see the event I did get some neat pictures of the guards and their horses parading down towards the gates of the Queen’s Palace. It was shockingly hot for our first day in London and being crowded in with the rest of the tourists didn’t help. But all in all it was a treat to be present at.


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Our Accommodations by Brooks Herman

In London, our group has been staying at the Hostel Astor Kensington.  We have three rooms; two with six beds and one with ten beds.  It has been a new style of cramped living.  But with the cramped living we have been able to meet many people from different nationalities, and we see new people every day.  It has also been different since everyone is within the college age range and our group range from 20-27 years of age.  We have only encountered one major problem while living here, and that has been that our A/C does not work anywhere in the hostel.  This has made the rooms miserable to be in during the day, but this has worked out since we go around London most of the day.  So far being in a hostel has been a completely different experience than anything in the states.


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Our London Intinerary:

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Visit to Fenwick Elliot by Tanna Bohlmann

Today, June 3, we visited the law firm Fenwick Elliot and met with a lawyer named Richard Bailey. Mr. Bailey practices construction law. He explained the main differences between law in the UK and law in the US. After a brief lecture Mr. Bailey took us on a tour of the Inns of Court.  Next, we met with James Bowling who is a Pump Court Barrister. He took us on a tour of the Temple Church and Middle Temple Hall. Middle Temple Hall is closed to the public but Mr. Bowling was able to grant us special permission to take a tour of the building. King Charles, William Shakespeare, and Queen Elizabeth have all been apart of this building’s history.  All the buildings that we saw today were built as early as the 1500’s and 1600’s and even lasted through bombings from World War II and the Great Fire. It was pretty amazing to see these buildings and all their detailed architecture!

We ended the day by visiting the Ye Old Cheshire Cheese Pub. This pub was restored in 1664 after the great fire.

Because we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow we all took it pretty easy and stayed in the hostel this evening. Everyone so far seems to be having a great time. I could not ask for a better group of people to travel with!



Tanna Bohlmann 


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The Liberals Club by Nic Decker

This evening, June 3, we were invited to go sit in on a Society of Construction Law meeting in downtown London. The building in which the meeting was held was very difficult to find, so we ended up circling the block for a while until we finally arrived at the meeting a half hour late. Despite our unexpected tardiness, we still found seats and caught most of the meeting, which was made up of one man discussing the different aspects of construction contracts and how much liability contractors have on different projects. It was somewhat interesting, but most of it was so specific and detailed that it went over most of our heads. However, we got the opportunity to speak with a lot of the members after the meeting, which was very interesting considering not all of them were lawyers like we had originally thought. We found later that the society was for everyone who had any concern with construction contracts was allowed to attend these formal gatherings. After we mingled with most of the members and collected a few business cards, we were off for the night. Overall, it was an interesting experience that helped give us a little background into UK law before we meet with Fenwick-Elliot, a construction law firm, tomorrow afternoon.

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Visit to KBR in Leatherhead by Clayton Turner

On Tuesday, June 2nd, we visited KBR’s office in Leatherhead, England.   KBR is an international construction and engineering firm that specializes in two main sectors: Oil & Gas, and Government & Infrastructure.  They employ over 60,000 employees in 49 countries.  David Ralph led our visit, and he is also the leader of the Impact group.  The Impact group is an entity within KBR that supports its’ new, young professionals with a mentor and various social events.  David and his other team members work on the impact events in their spare time, as they work as engineers during the day.    Steve Dart, a Process Information Manager, discussed engineering and design work processes, and the 3-D modeling program they use.  Paul Close, who is the Regional Director of Procurement, talked about offshore oil platforms. KBR builds a large number of offshore oil platforms, with a large majority of them being in the Caspian Sea right now.  Lastly, another engineer told us about the division he worked in, called Government & Infrastructure. Government & Infrastructure mainly builds structures for the British and American militaries in the Middle East.  KBR ended our visit with a tour of their Leatherhead Campus.  Throughout our journey, we gained a wide range of knowledge about KBR’s projects and company atmosphere.  Below is a picture of our train ride to KBR.


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Student Guided Tours – Monday, June 1, 2009


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Westminster Abby


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We are here!

Well, we made it!  We had our first ‘lecture’ on Sunday, May 31, at 4 PM.  It is a great group of 17 Aggies.  On our first day of class was Monday, June 1.  Prior to departure, each student was assigned a London destination to research and write a paper.  On Monday, we organised (that is the British way) a walking tour where each student led the group to their assigned designation.  It was a blast.  

We visited:

Royal courts for justice
Supreme Court
Westminster Abbey
Changing of the guard
House of lords
House of parliament
Big Ben
Trafalgar Square
House of Commons


This week, London is unseasonably warm and very sunny!  The British have thanked us for bringing the Texas sun.

Well, that is all for now.  We will try to update the website as much as possible.  Everything is going well and we are having a wonderful time getting to know one another.  

Kim Carlson

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